Systainer Units

  • How many Systainers can you fit in one unit?

    With the ability of moving the shelf to multiple heights. A standard units has 15 height options, and wheel arch unit has 9.  You will always have the ability to reconfigure the shelfs. Or if all else fails you would require another unit.
  • Systainer shelfs additional security pins

    All Systainer shelfs have recessed feet holes and the option of 2 additional 6mm holes for securing pins for added security. Meaning you would have to slide the shelf out to remove the box.
  • Whats the size of the Systainer units?

    The Systainer units are 429mm wide, sometimes on the site this might be written down as 430mm this was only for my own reasons while manufacturing. With the Systainer units there is a option for 1200mm high, 1500mm high, we can offer custom height on request. We will be slowly putting on more sta...